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Avoid spam telemarketing calls with a free application that gives you an alternative mobile phone number whenever you need one

Avoid spam telemarketing calls with a free application that gives you an alternative mobile phone number whenever you need one

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Program license: Free

Program by: MobileLabs Sp. z o.o.

Version: 1.0.42

Works under: Android


Program license

(226 votes)


Program by


MobileLabs Sp. z o.o.


Works under:


2NR Darmowy Drugi Numer

2NR Darmowy Drugi Numer is a free android app that gives users an alternative mobile phone number. This app was developed by MobileLabs Sp. Z.o.o to help users prevent spam telemarketing calls and text messages from flooding their phones. 2NR Darmowy Drugi Numer comes standard with social and communication aspects. It provides you with a disposable number that you can use on your public platform to avoid exposing your original personal phone number.

With this number, you can confidently sign up for social media account because it can allow the verification message to be sent to the app. It will also enable users to share the number publicly without the risk of exposing their numbers to spammy content.

This app has a well-polished and straightforward user interface that makes it appealing. The name of the app is written in Polish and can be translated to “free second number”. Although the app’s default language is Polish, you can easily change the language settings to English to translate to the language of your choice automatically.

Getting a free second number using the 2NR Darmowy Drugi Numer app is a very simple process. Although the app allows you to have up to three free phone numbers on a single SIM Card, this may be limited by other factors. Each of these free numbers has a seven-day expiration date. But once someone contacts you through the phone numbers, the validity will automatically be extended. In addition, 2NR Darmowy Drugi Numer is entirely free. All you need is an internet connection.

2NR Darmowy Drugi Numer helps you to avoid having your primary phone number used for things like interacting with strangers or signing up to random online listings. It will also save you from potentially spammy online advertisement sites that solicit phone numbers and send promotional messages. It is a safe service to use as it ensures your private information is not leaked online.

This number can come in handy on the contacts section of the about internet pages because this information is usually shared publicly to enable clients to reach you. Using your number will invite spammy messages and calls. 2NR Darmowy Drugi Numer is the way out of this. Besides, the app is free and provides a simple interface for anybody to easily manage messages and calls. If you are looking for a number to fill on online contact forms, 2NR Darmowy Drugi Numer is the best hassle-free solution.


  • Provides users with a free phone number that can be used publicly
  • The app provides users with up to three disposable phone numbers
  • Numbers will automatically extend when someone contacts you through them
  • Has an in-built contact manager to help you add or delete numbers on your contact list
  • Has a simple and easy to use interface that mimics a normal phone


  • App is buggy, especially when installed on older Android OS
  • Sometimes it fails to issue the three phone numbers as promised
  • You need a translator to translate from Polish to English